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Keto Chocolate Cake

  • $60.00

"I can't believe it's not carbs!"

Really, no sugar or grains here. The cake is sweetened with non-sugar monkfruit. The topping uses stevia sweetened chocolate. The rest is almonds, eggs and quality cocoa, so you can go ahead and have dessert without worry!

Keto cakes tend to be dry. Not here. Baked gently until just done and then brushed with a little brandy, unless you request booze free.

As usual, there are options. Just chocolate, chocolate-raspberry or chocolate-orange. If you need dairy free, let us know.


Important info!

Contains common allergens; eggs, soy, nuts, dairy (unless dairy free is requested)

Everything is made to order, so please allow at least 24 hours.

Please include info on any allergies.